A 30 day, cohort based experience where you learn to level up your mind, career, and relationships by:

  • Reflecting on where you are today
  • Creating a plan and taking action
  • Getting outside your comfort zone
  • Accelerating your time to results

What you get:

  • 30 Daily Exercises
  • 3+ Live sessions per week
  • 5 Personal & Business Templates
  • Live community chat
  • Network of high caliber peers

Each Cohort has Limited Availability.

    Creators of GO30:

    Diogo (Left) and Brandon (Right) created GO30 together because they have a shared goal of helping others unlock their full potential. They are both coaches, tech entrepreneurs, and leaders in their respective communities. They have a vision of bringing GO30 to over 1 Million people around the world.


    βœ… GO30 IS FOR YOU IF:

    • You want more out of life and you are committed to getting it.
    • You seek freedom in time, money, and creative expression.
    • You want stronger relationships and direction in your career.
    • You want to grow your networkβ€”meet friends, connect with industry experts, and build lifelong relationships.


    • You're looking for shortcuts and instant results.
    • You are not committed to investing in yourself.
    • You prefer to grow in isolation. GO30 is a group experience.
    • You believe your growth ceiling is limited.
    • You aren't willing to put your ego aside and learn.



    "This experience allowed me to reflect on what I really want out of life and go chase it. The frameworks provided and group accountability is exactly what I needed." β€” Sarah B.

    "I loved this program created by Brandon and Diogo. GO30 helped me overcome my imposter syndrome and get comfortable taking action." β€” Ally W.

    "GO30 made me realize I'm capable of so much more. In just 30 days I started to notice my confidence improve tremendously." β€” Carlos G.